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Updated: Sep 27, 2023


Water, the most enchanting element present on our planet, holds the origins of life itself. It uniquely exists in diverse states: liquid, solid, and gaseous.

The perception of water varies individually based on our emotions. To some, it embodies tranquility and joy, while for others, it represents power and resilience. Some individuals find water perplexing or even fearful, while for many, it stands as a vital source of rejuvenation and relaxation.

WATER is a source of an ultimate inspiration for our Studio's designs.

In times of sorrow being near the water makes mind clear and calms the emotions. In the moments of happiness we always find new ideas in the mesmerising beauty of water shades. Nothing compares to the feeling of revival when our body is embraced by water.

Most of our Studio's designs are connected to water in many ways.

Wavy shapes, variety of blue and green shades, colour palette of impeccable under the sea creatures, richness of textures, which can be found in water and on the coastal side, - thrive through interiors and items we create.


Fish symbol

Playful, filled with joy, connected to the water world, existing in variety of colours in nature - fish symbol harmonises perfectly with our perception of beauty on inside and outside.

Once we have chosen Fish for a logo our imagination began swirling around and we instantly envisioned various ways to incorporate Fish with different palettes and textures. Contemplate the exquisite appearance that the fish symbol could bring to our designs: chandelier pendant, bronze furniture and door handles, a bespoke pattern.

We hold a dream that our little fish will be a bearer of joy, gifting you with the gentlest of emotions. It shall infuse the world around you with a sense of lightness and a brushstroke of creativity.

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