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70s style

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


The 1970s design is a captivating transition from the simplicity of mid-century modern design to a more eclectic and sophisticated approach

At Katerina Bulgakova Studio we hold this decade in high regard as we endeavor to fashion interiors and design pieces that resonate with individuals. Embracing the era's cultural diversity and distinctive traits, including sculptural furniture, intricate craftsmanship, textured natural materials to the integration of art into interiors, we connect all elements that mirror unique character of people.

Vibrant colors, wavy forms, and mirrored surfaces define unique character of 70s and are key instrument to reflect true passions of people.

Signature elements of the 70s include:

  • Distinctive curved and clean lines, metal and natural wood, big scale furniture, bold colours... Here's what to expect from Seventies style

  • Comfort takes center stag of this era. Its sofas and armchairs invite relaxation with their cocoon like soft materials

  • Stainless steel materials, wool fabrics and bold colours are the markers of an era of contrast but nevertheless blend perfectly into warm interiors

  • A strong nod to Art Deco's influence is evident, adding a touch of timeless elegance

  • Sculptural furniture triumphs, showcasing artful and functional pieces

  • Striking, vibrant creations which weave bridges between art and design

  • Pays tribute to a hippie chic universe, with its warm colours and materials

  • An elegant mix of opposites: industrial and extravagant inspiration, disco and retro eccentricity

  • Space exploration theme mixed with over-the-top designs

The 70s era gathers its diverse range of character expressions. It inspires us to craft designs and objects that stand as bold statements reflecting a unique way of life and an unmistakable sense of style.

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