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Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Heritage might as well be described as historical appreciation, a cultural DNA reflected in traditions, values and knowledge of the present.

When we think about heritage in terms of design we imagine various places around the world with its diverse nature, individuals and nations, traditional craftsmanship, emotions and personal stories, historical periods contemplated in architecture and interior pieces.

In the Studio we believe, that only based on fundamental understanding of our past we could build a better present and contribute to a beautiful future for next generations. For that reason, we invest a lot each day in research, aiming to expand our knowledge in history of decorative arts.

Over the course of centuries, humanity has inherited a profound sense of appreciation for nature, which has been reconsidered in the materials and techniques employed in crafting handmade furniture. Together with many talented and passionate people from art and design world we are engaged in a mission of restoring traditions of savoir faire.

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of ever-growing, often artificially generated demand, with the aim of reducing costs and shortening production timelines, we have lost many pieces of knowledge and skills. Even companies that historically specialized in crafting unique items from glass, wood, metal, and other materials are now acknowledging the fact that due to the shift towards rapid mass production, even though they possess valuable information about manufacturing techniques in their archives, they can no longer create those authentic items because there are no skilled craftsmen left.

By creating items made of most cherished materials with caring hands of artisans we are building a bridge between the past and the present. By choosing those meticulously made pieces you are expressing gratitude to past generations, making a contribution to a conscious and beautiful present and invest in prosperous future, based on acknowledgement of traditions and inner respect for nature and individuals.

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