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Olga Sabko

Olga Sabko was born in 1990, in Kyiv. She is based in Paris since 2019, where she works at her studio in Poush. She studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Before moving to France, she successively studied graphic arts at the National Technical University of Ukraine, as well as modern calligraphy and ancient Slavic and European scripts.

Olga’s works have been honored with prestigious awards:

  • In 2020 she was recognized as the Laureate of Prix des Amis des Beaux-Arts 2020: prix Khalil de Chazournes, prix “coup de coeur”

  • In 2021 recognition as the Laureate of 20th Biennial of Engraving of Sarcelles

Signature style

Olga’s work in sculpture has largely influenced her relationship with other mediums, as it is seen in her lithographic works and engravings, which stems from a process combining intuition and accident. By means notably of ink, water, acid and gum arabic, these abstract and graphic works testify to the spatio-temporal context of creation, that of the apprehension of a form before it is limited by a meaning, as well as the physical and chemical qualities of their components. (extract from the text by Axel Fried)

Olga Sabko

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