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About Studio

KATERINA BULGAKOVA Zurich is an interior studio, that specializes on furniture, decoration and lighting by Katerina Bulgakova’s design, collaboration with craftsmen and galleries, representation of paintings and sculptures by modern artists, collectible vintage interior objects and decoration pieces. 
Since 2018, we have been creating projects and furniture pieces with a focus on people and their desire to enhance their lives and habits through space they live in. 
We believe that design pieces should tell stories and reveal personality of their owners, which brings us to the discovery of items with character for our clients.  
Through our designs we are channelling 70s style with modernist touch, clean lines and bright hues, elegant simplicity and traditional savoir-faire, making design timeless. 
Our projects are spread worldwide and in January 2024 we are opening our new space in Zurich that will combine a design bureau and a studio showcasing our own designs, collaborations with artisans, collectible vintage pieces and works of modern artists. 
Before the official opening we offer to stay updated on our events and special occasions by subscribing to our Newsletter and our Instagram account.

About Katerina

Founder of the studio - Katerina Bulgakova is a Kyiv born designer.


With heritage of three generations of engineers and degree in international business, she has started her career in the engineering and construction company managing complex and bespoke industrial projects.


Over the time she developed the understanding that design is her true purpose. 

She has completed degree in design and created own bureau to follow her passion. Katerina names these sides of Studio’s work as most inspiring:

Witnessing the transformation of people's everyday lives as their personalised surroundings are meticulously crafted to align with their unique individualities, enriching their experiences and enhancing their sense of fulfilment. 
Being a part of the mission for revival of artisanal craftsmanship’s glory, which embodies the true essence of timelessness and heritage for us.

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