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'O' project

A private house for a family of five. Whereas a family continued living in the house during restoration, the project was divided into three phases.

At first, we started with children's rooms and a home office, followed by other spaces where reconstruction is ongoing.

For each project we create hand drown sketches of main rooms. So that clients and project team can see the overall picture and make changes if needed.

We think about every detail, when creating a project: bed linen is made-to-order and the amber vase is a collectible piece ( A. Hunebelle, France, 1927-1932).

Nursery for a 3 year-old girl

To create a fairy-tale like atmosphere, together with the artist and Katerina’s classmate Alexandra Kryuchkova, we created magical colorful forest on the walls made of French plaster.

The morning light gently shines through linen curtains and reflects in a Barovier mirror (1940s-1950s).

Jute carpet by Élitis is a forest glade where vintage and bespoke pieces are gathered in anticipation of reading a story about brave deeds and beautiful journeys.

As if the moon, the ceiling lamp by Verdun (France, 1950s) illuminates the room.