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Marie Daâge

Marie Daâge, an Austrian-born artist with roots in the French West Indies, embarked on her porcelain-painting journey in 1990. Educated at the School of The Louvre, her commitment to heritage craft led her to collaborate with Limoges' artisan painters, establishing her as a prominent figure in the French luxury and international decorative arts scene. (Read more)

Her collections stand out as one of the few exclusively hand-painted Limoges porcelain lines, showcasing a unique blend of craftsmanship and artistic expression. Each piece, adorned with 24 karat gold by skilled French artisans, is a testament to Marie Daâge's dedication to creating distinctive works of art. Recognized in 2012 with the Chevalier de l’ordre de la Légion d’honneur, she continues to innovate and promote French know-how worldwide.

Signature style

Marie Daâge's approach resembles a maison de haute couture, unveiling new collections and colors annually, blending timeless motifs with contemporary trends. With 80 collections in over 60 shades, her creations remain perpetual, allowing for future additions to existing services. The hand-painted nature of Marie Daâge porcelain offers customization, ensuring a one-of-a-kind table service tailored to individual tastes.

Discover the harmony of Marie Daâge's collections, where each piece complements the others, transforming any event or ordinary dinner into a truly extraordinary experience. Explore our studio for available items or customize your own curated sets with our bespoke ordering option.

Marie Daâge